Sponsoring the North East London Business Expo in 2012 was a fantastic opportunity for our company. The lead up to the event was outstanding and the benefits pre and post event are just too numerous to mention. www.raffingers-stuart.co.uk
Raffingers Stuart
We would like to thank you for helping us achieve yet another successful event. The service from you was first class, both before and during the event. I am delighted to inform you that we received payment from one of the clients we picked up at the exhibition before you cashed our cheque, therefore the exhibition paid for itself within a week. We look forward to working with you next year. www.aaglobalsourcing.com
AA Global Sourcing Ltd
Well done for organising such a good show on Tuesday. Everything worked really well to the arrival area, setting up of the stand, car parking to the seminars and refreshments You are very good at making the whole thing seem effortless!! We were all very impressed. www.dutchmans.co.uk
Dutchmans Chartered Accountants
Marcomedia were delighted to be involved in this year's Expo. Having exhibited last year and seen the benefits we decided to become a sponsor this year. Not only do we benefit as a business but it's a fantastic event for this area that we are happy to support! www.marcomedia.co.uk
Marcomedia Solutions
Well done on putting on such an excellent day!! Having never been an exhibitor before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I've attended many exhibitions in my time, but knew that being an exhibitor was going to be challenge!! The Effective Exhibiting workshop was a great help, giving a really good insight into how exhibition stands should be set up.  I remember that on the day of course, some people said that they wished that the course had been run earlier than the date stated but I disagree.... It was set at the right time and put just a little bit more pressure on those that attended to do well and those that attended the course really had it spot on!! I have to say I enjoyed the day and (to my surprise) got lots of business out of it!!  I have some things that I will definitely do differently next time. Debra John-Pierre - www.wywltd.co.uk
Write Your Will Support
I just wanted to congratulate you both on yesterday's event... I think you both did an amazing job and worked tirelessly to get an Expo that you both should be proud of. I haven't ever been to a business show or expo ever before so I can't compare it with anything but from where I was standing it seemed to go pretty smoothly and very successfully. I think we as a company were proud to be associated with the event and I really do hope we will play a part in next year's. It really was a pleasure working with you both. Martine Hamilton Marketing Manager www.raffingers-stuart.co.uk
Martine Hamilton


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